About Us


Who We Are


Local, regional and global coverage of stories about the environment. Covering stories about wildlife, forests, oceans, flora and fauna in relation to humanity.


To increase awareness, and understanding value of Environment protection, enhancing nature love from local communities to global space through information exchange, engagement, and sharing practical solutions that address the impacts of dangers the environment faces.

Our Impact

Climate Lens News has a goal of having a significant impact on the fight against environmental degradation by advocating for the protection of lives, wildlife, and biodiversity.

Our work is ensuring that we raise awareness about diverse issues, Championing SDG 4, in environment space in relation to impacts on humans, energy, food production, wildlife, our forests, access to water, our oceans and seas, and climate change.

We envision further venturing into actualizing the projects that aim at empowering local communities in the protection of biodiversity, nature, and wildlife.

Future Outlook

Climate Lens News a Digital News Agency envisions a world where environmental challenges are mitigated, and adaptation strategies are fully/ sustainably implemented to improve the lives of humans, wildlife, and biodiversity.

The Digital News Agency will roll out documentaries that will put local communities and key players at vantage points in understanding and addressing the impacts of climate change.

Dedicated to increasing environmental passion and climate action, we believe that everyone has a role to play in protecting the natural world and even making it better.

Championed by a commitment to providing the information and resources that people need to make a difference.