Africa Climate Summit to Structure COP28 Narrative

Africa, despite contributing only 2%-3% of greenhouse gas emissions, faces a disproportionately high level of vulnerability to climate change. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Africa Climate Summit has been organized to facilitate discussions and actions. Kenyan President William Ruto and Dr. Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Jaber, the COP28 President-Designate and Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology of the UAE, have agreed to collaborate on implementing effective climate measures.

This collaboration is crucial, given recent events such as prolonged droughts in the Horn of Africa and multiple floods across the continent. These disasters have resulted in numerous casualties, food insecurity, poverty, and mass displacement. Kenya, preparing to host the Africa Climate Summit in September before the 2023 UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP28), is committed to working together with other leaders in this field. These partnerships aim to provide an opportunity for the international community to agree on practical solutions to address the climate crisis.

During the Africa Energy Forum held in Kenya, Dr. Sultan Al Jaber expressed his determination, alongside President Ruto, to ensure that both the Africa Climate Summit and COP28 yield tangible outcomes for Africa and the world. They jointly announced the intention to triple installed renewable energy capacity by 2030 and called on all parties across regions to join this global movement of action.

Despite concerns regarding Dr. Al Jaber’s connections with oil companies, he emphasized his dedication to climate response actions, as demonstrated by the UAE’s submission of a new Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) with a target of reducing emissions by 31% ahead of COP28.

President Ruto reiterated the importance of unity in addressing climate change, emphasizing that it is one of the greatest challenges faced by the world today. He highlighted the African Climate Action Summit and COP28 as critical milestones for the international community to come together and find solutions-oriented approaches.

“Both the African Climate Action Summit and COP28 will be crucial turning points during the Global Stocktake year, providing an opportunity for the international community to unite and chart a path forward,” stated President William Ruto.

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