Africa’s Youth Urged to Take Action on Climate Change at Assembly

During the launch of the Africa Climate Youth Assembly sessions at the summit, Africa’s youth have been called upon to participate in actions that will strive to bring about a change in the increasingly adverse impacts of climate change

The climate crisis poses tremendous dangers to humanity, but on the flip side, it also presents an opportunity for Africa to grow and shine. Africa possesses the largest assets of green energy essential minerals, as well as the largest arable land, which is crucial for driving green growth, green industrialization, and providing job opportunities for young people.

Elizabeth Wathuti emphasized the importance of the youth’s role in exercising climate actions and ensuring that these implementations are well suited for the challenges faced at the community level and further bringing others on board.

“It is time for Africa to cease the urgency, unify African youth voices, and work collaboratively for the purpose of amplifying our impact in the scope of climate. Action,” said Miss Wathuti.

Chido Mpemba, the African Union Youth Envoy, has urged Africa’s youth to take up space and be vocal in advancing climate actions that will help salvage the situation of the climate crisis before it worsens. She further calls for the integration of youth voices systemically for the sole purpose of not only being observers but also drivers of change.

The African youth, faced with various challenges from unemployment to the global climate change issue, are emerging as champions of change, advocating for action from diverse categories and forms, as symbolized by the Africa Youth Climate Assembly (AYCA).

Soipan Tuya, the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, reiterates that the youth are key in the fight against climate change, and their proposals and perspectives will have a significant impact on advancing action in response to the crisis.

“African youth are finding solutions through innovation and green economy. It is time for Africa,” CS Soipan said.

H.E. President William Ruto echoed the sentiment that Africa’s youth are the solution to the challenges. He called on young people to step up and contribute to actions and the green economy to address the various challenges faced continent-wide and worldwide.

According to President Ruto, this is the most vital session of the summit because young people are the future and the present of our continent and the world as a whole. He commends the AYCA for its role in bringing Africa’s youth together and ensuring that their voices are heard and listened to.

“We are going to come up with our ideas and proposals and ensure that as we sit at the table, we share our vision, plans, and thoughts towards solving our current challenges. I urge young people to persist and make their way to the table, as we will facilitate your participation,” said the president.

President Ruto reveals that 80% of the youth are affected by climate change in their societies. Hence, there is an increase in youth involvement as there is a need to create up to 30 million jobs annually to employ the growing young labor force.

President Ruto further urges the youth to demand accountability from leaders and seek support from the government for their innovations, as efforts are made collectively to achieve a solution to the crisis at hand.

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