Agilitee an E-Mobility Firm to Launch Kenyan Base

The Climate crisis witnessed globally has seen various sectors embark on embracing clean energy that is renewables and electric vehicles in a rush to evade fossil fuels use like South African-based green technology Company Agilitee.

Kenya has been on the frontline in embracing green technology like electric vehicles BasiGo, as the electric engines gain traction in the country, a scaling up of electric commuter buses and motorcycles has inspired Agilitee.

Agilitee has aspired to set up its subsidiary in the country next month as it looks towards powering Africa’s drive towards the transition from fuel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles.

According to Agilitee CEO, Mandla Lamba, there is an urgency to transition climate resilience with cost-effectiveness, especially in the mobility sector that heavily relies on fossil fuels.

Urging for the need for proper government support, in an attempt to improve and fasten the transition to clean energy.

“The government should be more supportive of the pioneering companies tapping into the climate resilience efforts in order to fast track the transition avoiding the case of being caught by surprise with the exacerbating climate shocks,” Lamba said.

Pointing out that the African continent is behind in terms of adopting climate-resilient forms of mobility due to less support from the governments in pushing further the initiatives.

Emphasizing that with the proper support and investment in the sector by governments would see a thriving adoption of green solutions which will not only aid fight the climate crisis but will also offer job opportunities.

“There is a need in our continent to find new ways of creating jobs for a huge population who are still jobless and in need of a job that will be sustainable enough for years to come,” Lamba noted.

Considering the level of unemployment in Africa has been on the rise consequently the rates as of 2021 are about 7.66 percent, a 0.38 percent increase from 2020.

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