AMREF, Ecobank Partner to Ease Emergency Evacuations

Pan African Bank Ecobank Kenya Limited has partnered with AMREF Flying Doctors to offer Maisha Membership; an air and ground ambulance scheme to the Bank’s clientele.

Under this partnership, Maisha membership will provide the Bank’s customers with convenient access to fast, affordable, and quality air and ground evacuation services in the event of a medical emergency in East Africa.

Members of AMREF Flying Doctors’ Maisha plan including customers will have access to unlimited evacuation flights per year for medical emergencies, unlimited ground ambulance transfers within Kenya, access to AMREF Flying Doctors’ 24-hour control center, staffed by qualified medical practitioners who provide invaluable medical advice.

Maisha Membership eliminates the need for third-party intermediaries, allowing the Bank’s clientele to access the services directly when in need.

At the premium level of membership, clients will have access to air medical evacuations and up to US$200,000 of post-evacuation hospitalization benefits in Nairobi or South Africa and return flights back home.

Ecobank Kenya’s Managing Director and Regional Executive CESA, Mrs. Josephine Anan-Ankomah said that access to medical emergency evacuations here in Kenya and across Africa remains a big challenge partly due to prohibitive costs, infrastructural challenges, and lack of skilled resources.

“We are greatly pleased to partner with AMREF Flying Doctors to help our customers and other Kenyans to easily access emergency ground and air evacuation services for proper medical treatment in Nairobi and elsewhere in the region,” she added.

Ecobank Kenya MD CESA RE Josephine Anan Ankomah and AMREF Flying Doctors Medical Director Dr. Joseph Lelo inside an Aircraft Ambulance during the launch of Ecobank Maisha Emergency Medical Cover in Nairobi

As we continue to grow and maintain dominance as a market leader in the emergency medical services (EMS) industry in Africa, we are excited to partner with Ecobank.

Dr. Joseph Lelo, the Medical Director of AMREF Flying Doctors, lauded the partnership, remarking on his delight to partner with Ecobank Kenya in ensuring that their clients have the necessary coverage during medical emergencies.

“Healthcare emergencies continue to stress families emotionally and financially especially in our part of the world. Maisha Membership will provide peace of mind that the affected person will have timely and professional medical transport in an emergency. This is a commendable initiative by the bank, and we urge Ecobank’s customers to enroll in our emergency medical evacuation plan, which provides low-cost access to premium emergency transportation services,” he added.

Dr. Lelo further revealed that for the last 65 years, AMREF Flying Doctors has provided rapid and high-quality air evacuation services with highly trained personnel and robust infrastructure. As we continue to grow and maintain dominance as a market leader in the emergency medical services (EMS) industry in Africa, we are excited to partner with Ecobank.

The Maisha Emergency Medical Evacuation Plan is available in five packages – Maisha Bronze, Maisha Silver, Maisha Gold, Maisha Platinum, and Diamond for as low as KES 3,100 and is designed to cover evacuations within the Eastern Africa region.

Countries covered under the deal include Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Ethiopia. Members have an option to include other members of their family to enjoy the same benefits as per the prescribed tariffs in the package.

Customers can access the Maisha Medical Evacuation scheme by visiting or by contacting the bank’s customer service center.

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