Bboxx, Jibu Join Forces To Provide Clean Water Using IoT Technology In Africa

Bboxx and Jibu share a vision of ensuring sustainable development in Africa and promoting entrepreneurship following their partnership back in 2017. The duo seeks to further unlock the economic potential of developing nations, more particularly Africa.

Both Bboxx and Jibu have scaled operations that rely upon reliable last-mile logistics and seamless supply chains, requiring close data monitoring and the utilization of powerful technology.

Bboxx provides Jibu with monitoring IoT devices powered on Bboxx Pulse©, its fully integrated operating system. This enables Jibu to monitor remotely and in real-time the production of clean water in each of the 400+ franchises across eight markets.

This IoT-powered water service has helped to significantly drive down operational costs, as without this, Jibu would need additional staff in each market to manually collect the data on a daily basis. This data collected will assist manage and find how to promote the services better for the consumers as water insecurity is alarmingly increasing.

This in turn would raise the end cost for franchise owners and customers, undermining Jibu’s mission to supply life-changing resources that are affordable. Since the partnership was established, 167 million liters of safe drinking water have been produced and delivered to customers.

Bboxx Pulse® harnesses the power of data to create commercial value and predict consumer trends. For example, over 1 billion data points are collected daily. The role of data is key to the successful operations of businesses like Bboxx and Jibu, enabling them to hear the voices of their customers more clearly, as well as meet their needs cost-effectively.

In the sustainable development sector, collaboration is particularly important, and Bboxx looks forward to continuing its partnership with Jibu far into the future, as well as expanding the application of its IoT technology to create tech solutions in a wide array of sectors.

By Brian Yatich

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