Cabinet Donates Months’ Salary to Fighting Drought

During the Chairing of the third cabinet meeting, President Ruto’s cabinet members arrived at a unanimous decision to forego their one month’s salary and direct it to drought mitigation.

An announcement made on Tuesday after the cabinet members meeting, the Cabinet meeting commended efforts of the recently named National Drought Response Steering Committee towards mobilizing resources to address the crisis.

“The meeting hailed the growing partnership between the State, Development Partners and the nation’s private sector that is taking place under the auspices of the National Steering Committee on Drought Response.”

The meeting saw the declaration of various policies on matters including an assessment of the impact of the interventions implemented to mitigate the effects of the drought on Kenyans.

The Cabinet meeting lauded efforts made by the recently named National Drought Response Steering Committee, chaired by Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa, towards mobilizing resources to address the crisis.

“The nation’s apex policy making organ was also apprised on the progress made in addressing the effects on the ongoing drought in parts of the country,” read the communique

The statement further communicated that there is need for maintaining togetherness and peace in dealing with these challenges faced on a daily within the country.

“In solidarity with all Kenyans affected by the ongoing drought, the meeting resolved that all Members will forgo one-month salary as their individual and collective contribution towards the ongoing State interventions that support all the Kenyans affected by the drought,” it stated.

Addressing the starvation issue in the country has been a priority for the Kenya Kwanza government having transitioned to power at a time when Kenyans are faced with pangs of hunger in their homes and livestock deaths due to starvation.

An act like this emphasizes the severity of the situation at hand that calls for all hands on deck to save the most affected communities from starvation and loss of wildlife as well has to be considered bearing in mind the various dead wildlife.

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