Climate Actions Initiative Championed by Governor Gladys Wanga

Homabay Governor Gladys Wanga and her Deputy Oyugi Magwanga unveiled the climate change policy framework with the goal of speeding up climate actions to avert the climate crisis.

A framework that contains the County Climate Change Policy 2021, the County Climate Change Act 2022, and the County’s Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Report.

Homabay County suffers climate change risks like drought and soil degradation that have left the occupants in vulnerable livelihoods hence this will assist mitigate.

“There are many risks climate change exposes people to and should be addressed. Adaptation of the policy will enable the county government to fight against climate change,” Wanga said.

She emphasized the need for speeding up climate actions since they would assist enhance effective responses that will develop adaptation and mitigate the effects.

Further declaring that through her administration there will be the incorporation of climate change actions into the third generation of the County Integrated Development Plan, whose formulation is ongoing.

Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga, Water and Environment executive Joash Aloo and other partners during the launch of climate change policy framework for climate action in Homa Bay town on November 29, 2022

“This county is one of the subnational cities in Africa for climate change resilience. Our action plan will enable us to acquire grants to tackle the effects of climate change,” she said.

Revealing that the initiative is in response to the county’s Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Report by Transparency International which clearly established the areas most affected by deforestation and land degradation caused by unsustainable tree and sand harvesting.

During the launch of the initiative, the governor called for striking a deal between the County government and Kenya Commercial Bank to beautify and upgrade Rose Muhando grounds into a nature park.

“Let the partnership and more collaboration continue so that we can win this war together,” he said. 

The initiative is aimed at reverting the climate change impacts that have left most farmers, unable to provide for themselves and lands later unproductive.

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