Climate Change Most Searched Trend in Kenya-Google

As the world celebrated the Earth Day, Google data released showed trends most searched by Kenyans as entailing of sustainability.
A revelation that shows Kenyans are increasingly interested in environmental issues considering some of the questions most sought out that involved presssing issues faced in our planet.

Google country director Agnes Gathaiya said climate change has become a world crisis that calls for more engagement around it and actions that will spur its reduction in terms of effects and impact it has on humanity and animals.

The interest in knowing environmental terms and concepts is growing vastly as the searches revolved around global warming and climate change.
“Both of these issues have a significant impact on the world’s environment, economy, and society,” the statement read.

In Kenya, the most asked questions on Google include:
What is global warming?
What is climate change?
What causes global warming?
What is the Paris Agreement?
What is Kenya doing about climate change?

Google further revealed some of the top trending topics as theres notable increase in searches on soil contamination, having topped the list, and had a significant increase in searches, which is particularly relevant in our agricultural sector.

It also showed that Kenyans are actively searching for information on environmental, social, and corporate governance, highlighting a shift towards responsible business practices.

Google Kenya’s top trending topics include:

Soil contamination
Environmental, social, and corporate governance
Climate change
Electric vehicle
Solar lamp
Climate variability and change
Air pollution

“As the country faces unique challenges in combating climate change, such as droughts and soil contamination, the increased attention to these issues is a testament to the growing public engagement on Earth Day and beyond,” she said.

Most searched topics showcased a range of environmental subjects that Kenyans are eager to explore which include:
Climate change
Solar power
Solar energy
Dairy farming
Electric vehicle

According to Google’s country director in Kenya, Agnes Gathaiya, climate change is a critical matter for humanity at this point and dealing with it calls for not only individual action but also collective action.

“Earth Month is an opportunity for all of us to consider how we can make a difference. By providing accessible information on environmental topics, we hope to empower Kenyans to take action for a more sustainable future. It’s not just about what Google does; it’s about how we can all work together to protect our planet,” she said.

Gathaiya further acknowledges that based on the data revealed how Kenya is on the frontline in the growing awareness and commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

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