Dahabshiil Calls for Peace in Horn of Africa to Address Climate Change

It’s evident that climate change is the current major threat to human lives in the Horn of Africa as stated by United Nations, a situation that has sparked intervention by Dahabshiil Bank. Dahabshiil Bank and Dahabshiil Group are majorly involved in the process of supporting the worst hit places by the deadliest drought witnessed in the region as they raise funds for the cushioning.

During the hosting of businessmen to appraise them of the modern services rolled out by Dahabshiil Bank to ease the transactions, the bank urged for peace in the region. Challenging the major businesses in the region, the continent, and international organizations to come out and take part in the fight against climate change to save future generations.

According to Dahabshiil Group Chief Executive Officer Abdirashid Duale, a peaceful Horn of Africa will thrive more considering that it can impact and encourage business and especially small and micro business entrepreneurs.

“Many people in the Horn of Africa are nomadic. They are always working hard but the current climatic change being experienced in the region has reduced them to seeking help from elsewhere in order to survive which has previously not been in their nature,” Duale said.

Further adding that it’s best to consider the plights of the people for then it would be able to understand that climate change is an issue that is beyond the control of people in the Horn of Africa. Revealing that the people are majorly business oriented but the climate crisis is an issue that cuts across majorly.

The push for peace is essential considering business growth and a safe environment welcoming enough for investors too. Hence appeal by Duale is quite weighty as well is eligible for it can in turn open up new opportunities for the region’s economy to thrive.

“Peace in the Horn of Africa can help pave the way for a shift in focus in the fight against climate change,” emphasized Abdirashid Duale, Dahabshiil Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

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