El Niño Wreaks Havoc in Mandera, Leaders Seek Urgent Action

The Kenya Meteorological Department had issued a warning about the heavy rains- El-Niño, urging citizens to be cautious and prepared for the potential consequences.

Unfortunately, the rains have now severely affected various parts of the country, resulting in floods, destruction, and even loss of lives.

The ongoing El Nino phenomenon is believed to be responsible for this onslaught. “Flood waters may appear in places where it has not rained heavily, especially downstream. Residents are advised to avoid driving through or walking in moving water or open fields and not to shelter under trees and near grilled windows when it rains to minimize exposure to lightning strikes,” the department warned.

Heavy rainfall in numerous parts of the country late last week left trails of destruction widely spread and casualties being witnessed in parts like Samburu County, Mombasa County, and other parts like Mandera posing a likelihood of El Niño rains.

In Samburu County, a lorry driver attempted to rush through waters sweeping across the road but was overpowered by raging water, forcing occupants to climb out the window to the top of the lorry to avoid drowning.

Residents screamed as the lorry slowly slid into the water, holding on partly until the Ol Malo Ranch Chopper and the Tropic Air team came to their rescue. A rescue mission that took more than eight minutes rescued the endangered passengers who would have been victims of the alleged El Niño.

Scenes trended showing residents at the scene, knee-deep in the floodwater, recording the incident, and cheering on the rescue team. A child who was among the passengers was rescued before the lorry could fully submerge in the water.

Scenes from the submerging lorry after a failed attempt to cross the raging water

In Mombasa County, late last week’s rainfall caused raging floods that submerged most of the roads in Mombasa, including the recently constructed Makupa bridge. The occurrence left travelers, residents, and pedestrians stranded as cars were critically submerged, and mayhem spilled all over.

Most of the roads were rendered impassable from the heavy one or two-day downpour that saw Mombasa County issue warnings to road users, especially those using roads still under construction.

scenes in Mombasa as cars try to surpass the flooded roads

The leaders in Mandera have called for quick action in response to threats of more harm from heavy rainfall believed to be an onslaught of El Niño that has left houses submerged and casualties after last week’s rains.

Senator Roba of Mandera appealed to the president that the situation in the counties of Northeastern is worse than that experienced in 1997. Urging for an upscaled emergency response since County governments are not able to respond effectively to the emergency witnessed in the Mandera area.

“Areas around River Dawa have been submerged, and all farms are filled with water, which leaves the place uninhabitable, and the damage on roads causing difficulties in sending food from Nairobi or receiving any support as they have been rendered impassable,” said Senator Roba.

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