Environment CS to Set up Initiative of Planting Trees

As earlier agreed between UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and President William Ruto about funding for the climate actions in a donation of Sh500 million for reforestation. An agenda that has been embraced by Environment CS Soipan Tuya as she focuses on the planting of trees as an initiative for the nation fighting the climate crisis.

During a climate reception at the British High Commission on Wednesday, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said Kenya and the UK governments are working together to bring the net zero emissions targets by 2050 to a reality.

“The UK government is incredibly honored to work with Kenya as a part of climate partnership… These investment programs are flagship programs as part of a UK-Kenyan strategic partnership that works for both Kenyans and Brits,” he said.

Cleverly further added that they have committed to Sh2 billion of UK funding to bank guarantees that will lower risks for investors and encourage their investments. Acknowledging efforts by Kenyan Climate Innovators who have immersed their full attention in the field seeking solutions and planting trees.

Citing the Earth shot Prize winner Charlot Magayi who founded Mukuru’s clean cooking stove, was awarded the $1.2 million (Sh147,360,000) Earthshot Prize by Prince William. An award for her innovation of Mukuru Clean Stoves, which aims at easier access to clean cooking for women in the country.

Environment CS Soipan Tuya said the government is focused on restoring Kenya’s rangelands and forests. Emphasizing that her aim is at creating a green army of young people who will help shift from planting trees to growing them.

“Our target is 15 billion trees in the next 10 years. The figure sounds mind-boggling but it can be done and we are going to do it. When you break it down, it translates to only 300 trees per Kenyan planted in 10 years,” Tuya said.

The CS has revealed plans of starting a tree growing campaign from 21st December with an aim of covering back the plain grounds that are a victim of deforestation in most instances which has proved so harmful to lives.

She further urged the youths to involve themselves in planting trees for they are beneficial not only to the environment but to humanity as well.

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