GE Vernova’s CERius™ is Advancing Carbon Emissions Management

GE Vernova’s carbon emissions management software, CERius™, is set for deployment at Azito’s largest power plant in the Ivory Coast to enhance reporting accuracy. This comes amid heightened calls for reducing carbon emissions from energy production to operations in industries. The software utilizes AI to assist the energy industry in achieving net-zero objectives and serves as a model for measuring, managing, and operationalizing insights to reduce carbon emissions.

GE Vernova has announced that Globeleq’s Azito Energie S.A. (“Azito”), the largest gas power plant in Cote D’Ivoire, will be the inaugural site for the deployment of its carbon emissions management software, CERius™. This software is designed to aid energy companies in progressing towards net-zero goals through precise data collection and abatement planning.

Linda Rae, General Manager of Power Generation & Oil and Gas at Electrification Software, GE Vernova, stated, “Digital transformation is a crucial driver of emissions reduction in the energy sector. CERius™ offers enhanced speed, accuracy, and agility in data collection compared to traditional methods, enabling actionable insights for improving emissions reporting and abatement planning.”


CERius™ leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to facilitate more accurate measurement, management, and operationalization of insights required for tracking carbon-neutral emissions goals. Engineered to automate greenhouse gas (GHG) data collection, CERius™ offers scenario analysis, team collaboration, and standardized reporting based on GHG protocols.

The software provides detailed emissions reporting at the asset level, enabling actionable insights to enhance the accuracy of scope 1, 2, and 3 data reporting and support abatement planning strategies.

Azito serves as a pioneering entity in Africa’s digital energy landscape, showcasing the advantages of digital solutions for energy producers. By adopting CERius™, Azito becomes the first company globally to utilize this technology, enabling more effective management of emissions data, compliance reporting, and strategic planning in support of its net-zero goals.

Gionata Visconti, Chief Operating Officer of Globeleq, emphasized the importance of timely and accurate emissions monitoring and reporting for power plants, stating, “CERius™ provides invaluable data insights that enable informed decision-making and emission reduction strategies.”

With improved access to emissions data, Azito can make more informed decisions on carbon reduction strategies. Azito already utilizes GE Vernova’s Asset Performance Management (APM) software, enhancing predictive maintenance capabilities to minimize downtime and optimize plant efficiency.

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