Go Electric Limited Supports Electric Vehicle Owners

Go Electric Limited, an electric vehicle dealer, has emerged with new strategies as prospective ownership is expected with an increase in electric vehicle adoption.

The adoption of Electric Vehicles is essential in dealing with carbon emissions as part of the climate action to deal with climate change impacts that include drought, floods, and desertification.

According to the Regional Managing director Paul Njeru, the global shift to electric vehicles is of urgency in combating the carbon dioxide emissions in the Ozone layer.

Emphasizing that Go Electric will invest in E-mobility and provide solutions for Kenyans willing to own vehicles with less operational costs as it is essential in dealing with carbon emissions and most of the greenhouse gases.

“We are also committed to scaling our operations, distribution infrastructure, and expanding our footprint,” he said while announcing the appointment of the company’s new Corporate Director, Eve Maina.

Eve Maina is said to have joined the team at a time that the company was targeting to tap highly talented C-Suite executives to match their competition who mainly deal in offering fossil-fuel vehicles.

Njeru said Maina was going to use her wide business network that spans North America, Africa, and East and Central Europe to turn around the business for profitable sales. Adding that her entry would probably spur electrical mobility growth in Africa as the firm seeks to expand its wing in the Kenyan Market and the East African region.

Prior to joining Go Electric Maina served as the CEO of Taxiye Ltd between 2020 and 2021, in charge of strategy and business development of the company’s expansion into the East Africa region.

Njeru said the company launched the first ever fully electric and solar-powered vehicles dubbed UTU in the East African market in an event that was held at Naivasha Buffalo Mall earlier this year.

Go Electric’s up-scaled effort comes as Kenyan consumers, including corporates and state parastatals, start embracing the use of hybrid electric vehicles.

Also seen is the Kenya Power Company currently conducting conferences targeting more than 300 stakeholders from the finance, energy, and transportation sectors as part of its plans to develop a framework for electric motorization.

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