Governor Anyang Nyong’o Appoints Climate Change Council

Echoing the president’s call for Climate action in response to the crisis at hand that’s evident by its impacts on the way of life for humanity, biodiversity, and wildlife, Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o lays out an action plan.

Governor Anyang Nyong’o has appointed a county climate change council to oversee the implementation of the county-integrated climate change action plan for combating climate change.

A move that has been embraced, earning support from Climate change experts who believe that the council formulation will ensure the county government incorporates climate change actions into the County Integrated Development Plan.

As they further emphasized that it’s important for county executives to ensure climate change actions are factored in development planning and budgeting in their departments.

In a gazette notice, the nine-member council will be chaired by Nyong’o as it is mandated to review the climate change action plan every five years in line with mitigation strategies.

Members of the council include the county water and environment executive, chief officer (finance), chief officer (agriculture), climate change committee from the assembly chairperson, Kisumu city manager, civil society organization representative Nobert Nyandire, academia representative Joyce Obuoyo and private sector representative- Kibos Sugar Joyce Opondo.

Apart from the council appointment, the governor also constituted the county climate change planning committee and ward climate change planning committees in the 35 wards.

In addition to the county budget for climate change mitigation programs, there will also be alignment and structuring of the most appropriate implementation of other funding like the Financing Locally-Led Climate Action (FLLoCA) that aims to empower the implementation of climate actions following funding from the World Bank.

FLLoCA is vital as it maximizes inclusion by being a national model of devolved climate finance that will support partnerships between government and citizens to identify and invest in solutions to address climate change.

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