Green Eco Solutions Ltd Leads Environmental Sustainability-Kenya

Green Eco Solutions Ltd is a briquette-making company based in Naivasha, providing affordable, clean energy solutions for a cleaner safer environment. The world recorded the highest temperatures in history last year.

Campaigns for environmental sustainability to combat the climate crisis associated with global warming, have intensified over the years by adopting the Paris Agreement. The path to sustainability is always riddled with innovations and adopting sustainable practices to help conserve the environment.

Since the industrial revolution, global CO2 levels have increased by about 50%, from around 280 parts per million (ppm) to over 420 ppm today. In 2023, global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and industry reached approximately 36.6 billion metric tons.

This represents a slight increase from the previous year, continuing the trend of rising emissions over the past few decades. The last decade has seen the highest levels of CO2 emissions in history, with 2019 being a record year before a temporary dip in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Per capita emissions vary significantly across regions. For example, the U.S. has one of the highest per capita emission rates at approximately 15 metric tons per person per year, while India’s per capita emissions are around 2 metric tons per person per year. In Kenya, Green Eco Solutions Limited has emerged as a leader in innovation and adoption of sustainable practices.

Green Eco Solutions Ltd
An illustration of the charcoal briquettes courtesy Green Eco Solutions Ltd @ Twitter

 Green Eco Solutions Ltd is a briquette-making company based in Naivasha, providing affordable, clean energy solutions for a cleaner safer environment. Through eco-friendly initiatives, the company has adopted various biomass waste sources and also promotes waste reduction and recycling programs, significantly reducing its carbon footprint. Moreover, the initiative has acted as a beacon of inspiration to others fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.

Notably, community engagement initiatives are a crucial operation procedure in environmental advocacy. Therefore, firms across several industries must engage the community through several ways among them, civic education and welfare activities to amplify the commitment to environmental sustainability.

Consequently, Green Eco Solutions Ltd has demonstrated its commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen, whether through educational programs, tree-planting initiatives, advocating for the implementation of ESG practices in businesses, or supporting local environmental projects.

Ranked top 50 in the Small Business Awards 2023-Small Business Sustainability Award Category, the firm recognizes that much work still needs to be done. “The challenges facing our planet require ongoing commitment and collaboration,” says Grace Gitiha of Green Eco Solutions.

Without significant changes in policies and behaviors, global CO2 emissions are projected to continue rising, with potentially catastrophic impacts on global temperatures and climate stability.

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