Green growth is the Future of Africa

The ongoing African Summit in Addis Ababa has raised awareness of enhancing security and peace within the continent to allow the growth of businesses within and outside Africa not forgetting green growth.

The Summit also took on climate change as it seeks to address the issues of fossil fuel use and probable expansion. One move that it argues will limit climate action response measures. It also took into cognizance the energy crisis that is facing the region urging the need to heed a call for urgency to fast-track development measures and steps.

President William Ruto from Kenya called on fellow leaders in joining the fight to stabilize the environment.

“As long as industrialized nations remain at liberty to switch on coal and fossil-fuel energy sources with impunity, every measure, framework, mechanism, and policy will be rendered futile, and all hope of success in climate action will be lost.” President Ruto.

The call comes at a time when there is a prolonged drought that has robbed the livelihoods of many African Citizens, and wildlife. The impacts have also seen the health of people deteriorate in time with maladies increasing.

President Ruto further remarked on the future being in green growth which is pro-African considering the availability of human resources, minerals, and products for the production of hydrogen technology including cobalt and manganese.

“Green growth is in Africa, as we are bestowed with ingredients of making it possible to easily adopt clean energy. Africa has fifty times the renewable energy needed in the world. This is a continent with 70% of its population under thirty hence a possibility of the workforce to power industrialization and manufacturing going into the future,” said President Ruto.

The Kenyan President also said that with the 1.4 billion population in Africa, it offers a good potential for a ready market – wide enough for its products. He reminded fellow African leaders that green growth is in Africa and investors should take this opportunity to align within the terrains of prospects in the sector.

During the ongoing Kenya – European Council Business Forum, Nairobi County the President went on and challenged the European Union to undertake a fresh push to conclude the Economic Partnership Agreements with the East African Community to expand Kenya’s export base.

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