Kenchic Earns Recognition by the International Poultry Council

Kenchic has earned world recognition after becoming the first African organization to adopt the council’s antimicrobial stewardship principles hence getting accolades from the International Poultry Council (IPC).

Since its establishment in 1948, Kenchic has played a crucial role from being a producer of day-old chicks to becoming a leading supplier of a wide range of processed chicken meat and further processed chicken products in Africa.

The IPC announced Kenchic Ltd. alongside eighteen other private-sector organizations recognizing the importance of responsible antimicrobial use and endorsed the council’s antimicrobial use stewardship principles. These principles were advanced within Transformational Strategies for Farm Output Risk Mitigation (TRANSFORM), a USAID-funded activity led by Cargill, to avoid the need for the use of antimicrobials, yet when needed, ensure they are used according to stewardship principles.

This stride cites Kenchic’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and responsible poultry production. As it’s attributed to the company’s mission which is to enable shared prosperity through sustainable food production, aligns perfectly with the company’s vision of becoming the “food partner of choice.

According to Jim Tozer, Managing Director at Kenchic Ltd, the goal as always is to contribute to a safer, healthier food supply chain for our consumers, and this recognition humbles us.

Jim Tozer, Managing Director at Kenchic Ltd

Adding that this is a testament to the long-standing commitment to sustainable practices and responsible poultry production. In addition, Jim revealed that antimicrobial resistance has become a global concern, and Kenchic is proud to join hands with seven other global organizations to combat this pandemic.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) entails the microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi becoming resistant to antimicrobial treatments to which they were earlier susceptible hence becomes fatal in most instances.

Collective efforts have been shown by international leaders from Kenya, Brazil, Italy, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Colombia, a representation of over 30% percent of the global broiler production in fighting the reliance on antimicrobials globally.

The efforts by Kenchic in adopting and implementing responsible practices complement the efforts of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development through the National Antimicrobial Stewardship Interagency Committee (NASIC) in combating AMR, emphasizing the importance of collaboration for shared health objectives.

Jonathan Mueke, Principal Secretary of, the State Department for Livestock in his remarks said that AMR is one of the most critical challenges facing our world today entwined in complexity that jeopardizes our ability to treat common infections. 

The PS further added that this puts at risk the progress made in modern medicine as it entails food consumed and hence requires coordinated multisectoral efforts at a national and global level.

The PS lauded Kenchic for their achievement acknowledging the broader significance of their efforts as they lead the way in antimicrobial stewardship, emphasizing that Kenchic sets an example for the entire livestock industry. “I encourage other stakeholders to follow suit.”

Annie Kneedler, Chief of Party at USAID TRANSFORM Cargill, commended Kenchic’s dedication to responsible poultry production as one that’s commendable and powerful in advancing the protection of human life.

Annie Kneedler, Chief of Party at USAID TRANSFORM Cargill,

“Their commitment to sustainable practices and food safety aligns with the objectives of the TRANSFORM Cargill program. We are proud to be associated with Kenchic and support their vision for a safer and more sustainable poultry industry,” said Annie.

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