Kenya Launches Sh7.2B Grants to Counties For Climate Change

Kenyan President William Ruto has issued Sh7.2 billion to counties for county climate change investment grants, as part of a plan to finance local climate action.

The money, which will be matched by Sh3 billion of county own-resource allocations, will prioritize the agriculture sector, and water and natural resources management in every county.

Speaking at the Africa climate summit in Nairobi on Monday, Ruto said the grants were a “critical first step” in Kenya’s efforts to address the climate crisis.

“Africa must channel adequate resources through investment and implement appropriate technologies in order to unleash the full potential of its clean and green natural resource,” he said.

Ruto added that the grants would help to “build resilience to climate change impacts” and “create green jobs” in Kenya.

The Africa climate summit is being held in Nairobi from September 4 to 6. The summit is expected to bring together government officials, business leaders, and civil society representatives from across the continent to discuss how to accelerate climate action in Africa.

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