Lake Ol Bolossat in Crisis of Drying up- DP Rigathi Gachagua

During a visit to Lake Ol Bolossat, Nyandarua County, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua was dismayed by the sight of a real climate change impact in the region. The deputy president revealed astonishment upon sight of Lake Ol Bolossat drying up as water loss has greatly soared in the once significant water body.

In the company of Cabinet Secretaries Soipan Tuya (Environment), Rebecca Miano (Zachary Njeru (Lands), hosts Governor Badilisha Kiarie, Senator John Methu, MPs John Gachagua (Ndaragua), Martha Wangari (Gilgil), Didmas Barasa (Kiminini), Wanjiku Muhia (Kipipiri), Deputy President Rigathi called for urgent action. Attending an invitation from Nyandarua County leadership for a tree planting exercise organized by the area Senator.

Further, the DP called for actions in response by environmentalists to restore Kenya’s fragile and degraded ecosystems including Lake Olbolosat. “The situation is bad; if uncontrolled, the community will be exposed to the ugly impact of climate change, especially exacerbating food insecurity. Today, I visited the lake to assess the extent of the loss of water, fish, birds, hippopotamuses, plants, and other forms of life,” said DP Rigathi Gachagua.

Lake Ol Bolossat, the only lake in Central Kenya, is incessantly fading away due to the adverse effects of the recent prolonged drought attributed to climate change. The lake is core as it played a critical role as an important source of water and livelihood for humans and wildlife along the Ewaso Nyiro River basin traversing Laikipia, Samburu, Isiolo, and Garissa Counties.

According to CS Environment, Climate Change and Forestry Soipan Tuya, there is a need for the conservation of the lake now more than ever. Revealing the Ksh.5.5 million grant from the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) for the restoration of Lake Olbolosat. That she outlined would be used by Community-based organizations in lake restoration activities that would also entail intensive growing of trees in its water catchment zones.

Environment, Climate Change and Forestry CS Soipan Tuya

The importance of conserving this ecosystem will in turn benefit the community around it majorly in the long run. Revival of this diverse ecosystem was cited as promoting tourism, hence more earnings for the locals and the country.

“Based on our findings and the guidance from our environmental experts, a committee will be established to fast-track restoration of the lake, which will, ultimately, improve the living standards of Nyandarua County,” stressed DP Gachagua.

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  • Dennis Pritt , Advcacy for climate change . ACL. UK
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    Climate Change is a great concern that MUST be tackled with Urgency. Practical deliverables must be implemented. Information sharing and advocacy therefore is crucial in these efforts.

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