MOGO, Roam Partner Driving Electric Motorcycle Adoption in Kenya

MOGO has forged a strategic alliance with Roam, a Kenyan-based electric mobility pioneer, signaling a pivotal endeavor that’s aimed at catalyzing the adoption of electric motorcycles within Africa. This collaborative effort emphasizes a concerted drive to empower individuals in transitioning to electric motorcycles by offering a comprehensive financing package, thereby facilitating a notable surge in daily earnings for boda boda riders by up to 30%.

The partnership commences with the establishment of three MOGO retail outlets in Nairobi, with extensive deliberations underway to proliferate operations to over 15 additional locations across Kenya. This strategic expansion is meticulously designed to broaden the outreach and enhance service provision to a diverse clientele.

Mikael Gånge, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Roam expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing its potential to tap into a burgeoning market of boda boda riders seeking to embrace electric motorcycles amidst escalating petrol prices. Leveraging Mogo’s adeptness in asset financing, Roam endeavors to furnish customers with flexible financing alternatives, ensuring tangible cost savings from day one. This collaborative endeavor resonates with Roam’s overarching mission to deliver unparalleled affordability and quality within the electric motorcycle sector, with Mogo serving as an invaluable catalyst in expediting this pursuit.

Roam’s electric motorcycles epitomize a paradigm shift in sustainable transportation, boasting advanced features and robust design tailored to accommodate diverse applications such as personal commuting, cargo transportation, ridesharing, and taxi services. With steadfast support from Mogo, Roam is poised to expedite the deployment of these electric motorcycles, thereby instigating positive environmental and socio-economic ramifications across communities in Kenya.

Rauls Leitis, Business Development Project Manager at Mogo, underscores the significance of the partnership in amplifying access to electric motorcycles within the Kenyan market. Anticipating an exponential growth trajectory within the electric motorcycle domain, Leitis underscores Roam’s innovative products, which not only facilitate convenient home charging but also leverage the expansive Roam Hubs infrastructure. This concerted effort, Leitis contends, is poised to render the electric motorcycle market surpassing its petrol counterpart in due course.

Moreover, Mogo has demonstrated its commitment to embracing sustainable transportation by procuring Roam motorcycles for its internal operations. Building upon the success of this internal adoption, Mogo is poised to extend affordable financing options for these motorcycles, thereby extending the reach and accessibility of electric mobility solutions.

The initial phase of this partnership will witness the establishment of three MOGO retail outlets in Nairobi, with plans underway to proliferate operations to over 15 additional locations across Kenya. This strategic expansion underscores a commitment to enhancing accessibility and service provision to a wider spectrum of customers.

Roam, a trailblazing technology company, is dedicated to the development, design, and deployment of electric vehicles specifically tailored for the African continent. Since its inception in 2017, Roam has spearheaded the delivery of locally produced electric motorcycles and buses, emerging as the foremost provider of electric vehicles in Africa. This commitment to sustainability and innovation was recently underscored by Roam’s distinction as a finalist in Prince William’s Earth Shot Prize, reaffirming its pivotal role in driving the transition towards sustainable transport solutions.

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