Nairobi, Mombasa and Kiambu to miss out on Climate Adoption Funding by World Bank

Three counties, Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kiambu have missed out on the Financial Locally Led Climate Adoption (FLLoCA)  funding that was allocated by the World Bank.

According to the Treasury, the three counties failed to dedicate 1.5 percent of their development budgets to climate adaptation and also failed to undertake Participatory Climate Risk Assessment PCRA at ward level which is the requirement for eligibility for funding.

Peter Odhengo the head of climate finance and the green economy at the Treasury and also the director of the (FLLoCA) program said that only 44 counties met the requirements and are qualified for the next phase of funding.

“44 out of 47 counties met the requirements made by treasury and will move to the next phase of financing. They will receive grants to climate-proof their communities.” Odhengo said.

Mr Odhengo shared that in the first phase, the 44 counties received 22 million each as a support grant for the groundbreaking.

He also added that the things they were to do were set up ward climate committees which will document the climate risks in the wards.

“In the first phase of the funding, each county has received Sh22 million as an institutional support grant for the commencement of the work. Each ward is to set up climate committees which will document the climate risks and the needs and then design a ward-specific action plan” Mr Odhengo shared.

In the next phase of funding, The 44 counties that have qualified will be eligible for grants to implement their adaptation plans, the contributions are to range between Sh100 and Sh150 Million.

Mr Odhengo further calls upon citizens in the three counties left out in the funding to compel their governments to take action on climate change.

“The Treasury has tried to reach out to Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kiambu to follow up on their inaction. We hope to see Nairobi county driving towards actions that will climate-proof slums because that is where the most vulnerable dwell.” Mr Odhengo reiterated.

The money allocated for the next phase of FLLoCA has already been released by the World Bank awaiting further dispatch by FLLoCA once assessment is complete.

FLLoCA was designed to build on the Kenya Accountable Devolution Program funded by the World Bank. The program also promotes work done by the Adaptation Consortium through County Climate Change Funds.

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