Oceans are Vital in Combating Climate Change

Oceans play a critical role in the world serving as an essential ecosystem that needs to be protected with vitality.

This essence of oceans is based on their vast bodies of saltwater that cover most of the Earth’s surface, playing a vital role in regulating the planet’s climate, supporting diverse ecosystems, and providing resources for human and animal life.

Oceans bearing such significance need protection now more than ever considering the climate change crisis at hand that keeps coming up with overwhelming outcomes; floods, droughts, and increased world temperatures.

Climate change has affected oceans in various ways that include;

The occurrence of extreme weather events is mostly unforeseeable and predictable since Climate change is causing more frequent and intense extreme weather events like hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons that can damage coastlines and ocean ecosystems.

Due to the climate change crisis at hand, most Oceans have highly become acidic, and this acidification is causing more harm than good for the ecosystem’s survival. As Oceans are becoming more acidic due to the increased absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is harmful to marine organisms.

The global warming narrative needs to be dealt with urgently as its impacts are visible in the warming up of Oceans as they absorb about 90% of the excess heat generated by greenhouse gases, leading to warmer ocean temperatures.

Another impact of the climate change crisis is the sea level rising, this has been evident with the warming up of oceans that are causing the melting of glaciers and ice sheets, which in turn results in rising sea levels.

This shift in the pattern of weather has caused a rift as it changes the flow of ocean currents. Witnessed are the changing climate patterns that are altering ocean currents, which can affect weather patterns and have significant impacts on marine ecosystems.

All these eventualities have proven the emergency that the globe is wrapped up in currently hance calling for climate response action that can assist mitigate these challenges.

climate change is having significant impacts on the world’s oceans and marine ecosystems, which can have far-reaching consequences for human societies and economies that depend on them.

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