Oldest Female Elephant, Dida, Dies at Tsavo Park

The repercussions of drought that has been prolonged over the last two to three years have been quite consequential for humanity and wildlife in a major way. Today the death of one of Africa’s largest female jumbos at the Tsavo East National Park, named Dida has been astonishing.

Dida a 65-year-old elephant is said to have died from natural causes related to old age however, her death shared on social media with saddening images of decomposing bones has posed questions about the exact timeline of her death.

“Dida was an iconic matriarch of the Tsavo Ecosystem and a great repository of many decades worth of knowledge. She served as both the subject to various documentaries and an iconic tourist attraction,” KWS said.

Dida the Elephant
Images of Dida the Elephant to the last image of remains. Courtesy : Capital News

Heeding to a call earlier on by former Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet secretary Najib Balala announced that over 70 elephants had died in the park as a result of the drought.

According to a 2021 census report, the Tsavo ecosystem is home to over 14,000 elephants roving the entire landscape.

Even during prolonged no-rainfall times, the devastating drought and starvation ravaged the Tsavo National Park and forced wild animals to flee in search of water and pasture.

The newly appointed Tourism & Wildlife cabinet secretary Peninnah Malonza under the Kenya Kwanza administration is currently in Tsavo East National Park assessing the drought situation.

Malonza who is in the company of top KWS officials is also expected at Aruba Dam, one of the largest water sources in the ecosystem.

As the rains start showering in various places in the country, the question is what solution can be quickly arrived at to save more wildlife from dying due to hunger as a result of starvation that has been.

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