Power Shift Africa Launch ADAPT2LIVE Campaign on Africa’s Adaptation & Resilience

Power Shift Africa has launched the Adapt2live campaign, a Pan-African initiative that aims to address the urgent need for adaptation and resilience in securing the future of the continent.

The climate think tank emphasizes the importance of elevating this issue in the political agenda of the climate discourse.

The argument is that there has been only marginal emphasis on climate adaptation during the Africa Climate Summit, resulting in the subject being sidelined in the multilateral climate agenda. However, this is a critical matter, especially for local communities in various regions of the continent that are taking several actions to build resilience against climate change crises.

Africa has faced numerous climate crises, especially in the last three decades from floods like that lately experienced in Libya which have caused loss of immense casualties, other eventualities include droughts, and heatwaves destroying lives and livelihoods, as some of the events that have marked the intensity and urgency of the calamity of our time.

Africa has experienced numerous climate crises in the past three decades, including devastating floods in Libya that resulted in significant loss of life. Other events such as droughts and heatwaves have also caused destruction and impacted lives and livelihoods. These events highlight the urgency and severity of the current climate calamity.

Mohamed Adow, Director of Power Shift Africa, emphasizes that Africa cannot afford to delay the conversation on adaptation any further, as communities are already suffering from a climate crisis they did not cause. He emphasizes the need for ambitious, collective, and intentional climate actions, rather than incremental and half-hearted interventions.

Power Shift Africa
Mohamed Adow Power Shift Africa Director

The organizers of the Adapt2live campaign stress the importance of sufficient interventions to bridge the growing gap, as time for effective climate action is quickly running out. The campaign aims to mobilize international support for adaptation and resilience initiatives in Africa, recognizing the urgent response required to address the intensified climate emergency on the continent.

Mohamed further explains that the campaign explicitly addresses key issues such as food security, access to water, protection of land rights, and involving communities in decision-making processes.

“These decisions will lead to investments that help frontline communities adapt effectively, live with dignity, and thrive”

Additionally, the campaign aims to showcase potential interventions that can drive Africa’s development agenda in a more adaptable, sustainable, resilient, and environmentally friendly manner.

Adapt2live proposes various solutions, including agroecology, food sovereignty, nature restoration, and embracing indigenous knowledge systems. These approaches are crucial as they offer context-specific solutions informed by local realities, protecting and building the resilience of African communities and ecosystems.

Campaign long-term objectives

  • To promote a just transition narrative that elevates Adaptation and Loss and damage in the global political agenda 
  • To attain a substantial increase in global and regional funding for climate adaptation
  • To integrate traditional and indigenous knowledge systems and practices into adaptation strategies and are valued for delivering sustainable, context-specific solutions.
  • To push for active involvement of communities in the design of adaptation policies, projects, and funding
  • To advocate for reforms of the global financial architecture leads to grant-based and debt-free financing.
  • To increase media coverage of adaptation issues such as climate impacts, finance, Loss and damage, and African solutions.

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