President Ruto Champions for an African Narrative & African Solutions

The Pan-African Parliament (PAP), a legislative arm of the African Union has offered a platform for the parliamentarians to robustly engage, hosting President William Ruto who is the Chair of the Committee of African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change (CAHOSCC). President Ruto has earned lauding for his stance about climate change as a crisis that Africa must stand up to together if it’s to be addressed.

 The summit by parliamentarians enabled a space for experts, practitioners, and leaders to internalize the persuasions in international dialogue processes offering contributions from the diversity of their backgrounds. These discussions are vital as Africa focuses on structuring the African narrative if desired outcomes and solutions are to be attained from COP28 and Global Stock Take Processes.

President William Ruto urged his fellow leaders that as legislators it’s high time they toss themselves in the field of action. Reminded the legislators that their mandate surpasses just formulating laws and policies as has been the norm, calling for further follow-up to oversee that there is the implementation of the preceding laws.

“To ensure that the African Union performs at the level of its aspirations, it will be necessary for you as legislators, representatives, and overseers, to ensure that it empowers itself with sufficient capacity. Otherwise, African solutions, Agenda 2063, the African Continental Free Trade Area, and the Young, Clean Green Continent of the future will remain mere pipedreams,” said President Ruto.

Stressing that it’s time for Africa to champion a fresh, affirmative, and solution-oriented perspective in the climate change action plan by building its green industrial capacity. His jibe and conviction about Africa’s impact if united received a standing ovation from his fellow delegates at the forum.

President William Ruto is Chair of the Committee of African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change (CAHOSCC). Source;Twitter

President Ruto has upheld an unwavering stand against Africa’s low consideration by outside world players in terms of making deals, from the multilateral financing systems that offer high-interest loans to African countries to respond to the climate crisis at hand. Relocating industries to the continent is to be an added advantage in strengthening the balance of trade and easing the pressures on local currencies.

He points out that until Africa and her leaders are able to come together and have one voice in unison, there will always be unwillingness to be heard by the more organized outside developed countries. The most eligible way out of this situation he reveals is by giving more power to African Union so that it’s a representation of all the 54/ 55 states with one authentic voice fronting everyone’s good in the continent.

“The AU Reform Agenda must therefore become a priority in this session, and you must interrogate and conduct the process to ensure that structurally, the roles of the Bureau, Summits, Committees, Regional Caucuses, Secretariat, and Commission are duly rationalized giving Africa a fit for purpose continental governance body worth its name,” emphasized President William Ruto.

Pan-African Parliament Summit at Midrand South Africa

According to Dr. Mithika Mwenda, Executive Director of Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), the critical task at hand is ensuring Africa speaks with one voice, especially as we gather momentum towards the Africa Climate Action Summit. If all the delegates from this summit will commit to being champions of our clarion call in their assemblies, countries, and outreaches then it’s a win.

“We need to engage with and empower local communities, especially women, youth, farmers, and other vulnerable groups, who are most affected by climate change impacts yet have valuable knowledge and solutions to offer,” remarked Dr. Mithika.

Echoing the powerful statements made by Kenyan President, H.E Hon Chief Fortune Charumbira-President of the Pan-African Parliament, reiterated that the summit is essential as it entails conversations that provide insights useful for graceful just transition and NDC implementation responsive to African development aspirations and economic realities.

“Aim at galvanizing a critical mass of stakeholders capable of catalyzing, broad support for pro-poor, just, equitable, locally-led, and science-based decisions in NDC implementation and overall climate action,” said Hon Fortune.

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