President Ruto Emphasizes Clean Energy, Climate Migrants

During the Africa Climate Summit, President Ruto emphasized climate adaptation emerging as a viable solution to combat the effects of climate change in Africa.

On September 5, 2023, heads of state convened to discuss the challenges faced by the continent and proposed adaptive measures to address the climate crisis.

Among the panel participants was President Ruto of Kenya, who highlighted key issues and presented feasible solutions, including transitioning from fossil fuels to green energy and addressing the pressing matter of migration.

The transition from fossil fuels to green energy has gained significant traction in recent years, with institutions increasingly embracing clean, renewable energy sources to mitigate the environmental impacts of fossil fuels.

He emphasized that Kenya is actively embracing green energy, but acknowledged the need to address certain aspects during this transition.

President Ruto stated that countries with abundant fossil fuel resources can enter the transition phase by exploring ways to harness these resources in the green energy sector. He highlighted that 93% of Kenya’s grid currently relies on green energy, emphasizing that countries seeking a just transition must address financing and technology to unlock the potential of renewable energy.

Regarding migration, President Ruto mentioned that Kenya has already signed the Kampala Declaration, which was adopted on March 28, 2019, by IGAD member states. The Kampala Declaration establishes an African legal framework to prevent internal displacement, protect and assist displaced individuals, and provide durable solutions for refugees.

President Ruto emphasized the importance of the Kampala Declaration, as it facilitates the safety of victims affected by floods and droughts. He stressed the humanitarian aspect of ensuring the well-being of those forced to relocate due to climate change, stating that it is crucial to make it easier for them to find safety and security.

The Action Plan outlined in the Kampala Declaration delineates the steps to be taken by IGAD member states and IGAD itself to improve livelihoods, foster economic inclusivity, and promote self-reliance among refugees.

President Ruto urged other countries to sign the Kampala Declaration, emphasizing the need for a collaborative ecosystem that facilitates responsible settlement for migrants.

By joining forces and adhering to the declaration, countries can work together towards providing a supportive environment for those affected by climate-induced migration.

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