President Ruto Opens First African Climate Week

President William Ruto has called upon African leaders to work together towards investing in projects that will catalyze climate action in the continent and beyond.

Giving his speech during the inaugural Africa Climate Summit on Monday, Dr. Ruto urged the leaders to invest in projects that will bring solutions to the adverse effects of climate change on the economy of African countries.

“Let us imagine pathways towards financial structures that can lead to African goals, let us commit to investing in viable solutions presented by renewable energy, green industrialization, climate-smart agriculture, and nature conservation.” President Ruto said.

In his opening speech, President Ruto termed Africa ‘a key’ to accelerating decarbonization in the global economy and it was time for everyone to make contributions towards catalyzing climate action.

“Africa holds the key to global decarbonization; it is a powerhouse of untapped potential. If tapped, the continent has the potential of creating 13 million jobs each year.” President Ruto said.

Additionally, the president also challenged governments to invest in renewable sources as he advocated for climate-smart agriculture and nature conservation.

“Africa has only 40 percent electricity access and the lowest in the world. Kenya is on course towards achieving 100 percent clean energy goal by 2030.” Ruto said.

President Ruto also shared that Kenya has set a national target for the achievement of 100 percent access to clean cooking by 2028.

According to Dr. Ruto, the summit will usher in the Nairobi Declaration, a document that has the potential to steer Africa toward affirmative action in addressing climate change. The declaration seeks to provide the backbone for a world economy that is decarbonized, sustainable, and resilient.

Ruto also called for African governments to utilize the carbon sinks that serve the world and clean the environment. He was sad to disclose that Africa benefits nothing from the carbon sinks.

“African carbon sinks are economic goldmines, they have the potential to absorb millions of tonnes of carbon annually which should translate to billions of dollars but we get nothing for it is not in our balance sheets,” Ruto said.

President Ruto was glad to host Africa’s first Climate summit which is taking place 31 years since the first summit that was held in Rio De Janeiro when the world gained interest towards climate change.

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