President William Ruto Calls for Global Support in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

President William Ruto, during the United Nations General Assembly’s High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (UNGA), called on the international community to mobilize and allocate resources towards addressing the obstacles to achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

During his address, Kenyan President William Ruto emphasized crucial issues that hinder the continent’s substantial development despite its abundant resources. He urged fellow leaders to recognize that it is time for Africa to explore methods of enhancing agricultural productivity in order to eliminate hunger and poverty across the continent.

Noting the prevalence of hunger and starvation on the continent, President Ruto highlighted that Africa possesses the largest share of untapped arable land worldwide. However, despite this potential, the continent still grapples with food shortages.

“The paradox of Africa’s starvation amidst plenty mirrors the paradox of Africa’s poverty despite abundant resources and underdevelopment in the midst of vast potential,” he stated.

While co-chairing the United Nations General Assembly Sustainable Development Goals dialogue on Applying Science and Technology Innovation and data for transformative action, President William Ruto emphasized the importance of aligning global capital with sustainable development goals to achieve climate-positive growth. He highlighted that many countries in Africa have faced obstacles in implementing the SDGs, including debt, inflation, climate shocks, and conflicts.

“By enhancing Africa’s access to financing from global development capital, we will unlock the continent’s vast potential; its natural resources, arable land, and vibrant human capital,” he said.

President William Ruto further emphasized his concern about the financial architecture, which he believes has put the continent in an unjust position. He reiterated his call for reforms in the global financial system, particularly in debt restructuring and the strengthening of International Financial Institutions (IFIs).

President William Ruto argues that restructuring the financial architecture would ensure that African countries have equal priorities and balanced development criteria, rather than being burdened with increasing loans and debt traps.

He believes that this restructuring would empower nations in the global south to actively participate in climate action and development.

“By eliminating unfair discrimination, we will promote shared prosperity and pave the way for achieving our climate action goals and a sustainable future,” said President William Ruto.

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