Raila Odinga Vows to Fight GMOs Ban Lift in Kenya

Following President Ruto’s move to lift the ban on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in a stance that he aimed at dealing with the drought situation in Kenya, he has been criticized for the action.

Critics including Former prime minister Raila Odinga have raised concerns over the health safety of the citizens if consumption of GMO foods is allowed after it had been banned earlier on.

Speaking this Tuesday Raila Odinga said the consumption of GMOs is not an answer for the ongoing drought and food shortage in the country as he vowed to fight the lifting of the ban both in court and through the farmers.

“We demand that Ruto’s administration explains to Kenyans the rationale behind the rush to reverse the 2012 directive that stopped the importation and open cultivation of GMOs due to concerns about the health risks of GMO foods and insufficient studies on their effects on small-scale farmers and the local food markets,” the statement signed by the Azimio leader reads in part.

Questioning the ban lift, Raila cited the illegality of these foods in more advanced nations like; Germany, France, and Greece as an answer to their dangers in matters to do with health.

Further insisting that the lift of the ban is admonished as it will turn citizens to rush for it bearing the situation at hand as he cautioned that Kenyans aren’t testing subjects for the foods declared harmful and illegal.

“We believe that introducing them into Kenya in the current state of international uncertainty is to use Kenyans as guinea pigs, which we shall not allow. Even the poor and the hungry ought to have their rights and dignity protected, the attempt to compromise their health, economy, and environment,” Raila said. 

Raila emphasized that Kenyans are in need of urgent help to deal with drought and starvation hence plans for irrigation need to be sped up in an effort to improve the agricultural sector which is aching severely.

“We are aware there already are court cases on the re-introduction of GMOs awaiting hearings, as we await the court verdict, we strongly urge Kenyans to reject this attempt by the Ruto administration to compromise our health. economy and environment at the altar of commerce,” said Raila.

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