Roam Gears Up Kenya for Clean Energy

Roam has geared its efforts towards revolutionizing the accessibility of clean energy for Kenyans both in the travel sector and saving electricity costs.

Roam has made major inroads in Sub-saharan Africa in making electric vehicles more accessible. The company is behind the Roam Air – electric motorcycle, and mass transit bus as well as the feeder bus.

The Kenyan-based firm has further delved into solving the energy crises witnessed amongst most Kenyan homes, especially in the marginalized areas and outskirts of the cities.

The firm’s vehicles are majorly focused on the use of solar energy for recharging and operation effectively which is a major source of renewable energy. This has seen Roam offering consumers modular solutions through a technology that is clean, simple, and transparent.

Roam is offering a full off-the-grid or on-grid system, through the set-up of solar panels, inverter systems as well as battery storage.

The clean energy drive has been highly embarked on globally with various players embracing the urgency through the adoption of renewable energy. With this, there will be a controlled global warming effect since renewable energy sources don’t emit harmful pollutants into the environment.

Roam Energy is offering consumers access to all necessary equipment for solar power including panels, inverters, and batteries that can store huge amounts of power.

Through this move, Roam Energy seeks to address the intermittency of solar power which is mostly a challenge since solar energy relies majorly on sunlight for power. Through powerful batteries, the power can be stored for a long while which would mean consistent supply.

Through the adoption of lithium batteries, the cost is alleviated for the consumers considering the long-lasting impact of the batteries as compared to the lead acids. This has opened up the opportunity for consumers to buy into this idea of cheaper renewable energy as compared to electricity.

Effecting these measures, Roam is championing a clean energy-powered Kenya step by step as the climate action measures are upheld highly.

“Offering a solar and industrial battery system installed enables businesses to become completely independent not relying on diesel generators that emit CO2 and noise.  This is benefitting in minimizing environmental impact while at the same time saving on electricity and fuel bills,” According to the firm.

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