Rusinga School Students Promote Environmental Conservation on ‘Call to Earth Day’

On November 28th, Rusinga School students enthusiastically advocated for environmental conservation during the ‘Call to Earth Day’ celebration.

Demonstrating a deep understanding of conservation, the students not only expressed their dedication but also pledged to take meaningful actions.

Their involvement in ‘Call to Earth Day’ was enlightening and inspiring as they shared powerful poems and letters, urging global leaders to address the urgent climate crisis.

Emphasizing the crucial role of students, Mr. Chris Okumu, the Head of the Senior School, highlighted the importance of engaging them in discussions and promoting a focus on creating solutions for the challenges faced by humanity.

Call to Earth
Mr. Chris Okumu joins the learners in the conversation of Call to Earth Day

This urgency was further highlighted by the concurrent Conference of Parties at Dubai (COP28), dedicated to addressing the catastrophic climate-related disasters affecting regions worldwide.

Under the banner of Rusinga Speaks, students at Rusinga School vocally advocate for environmental issues in amplifying the Call to Earth message for action. They not only stress the significance of tree planting but also emphasize the crucial role of nurturing and integrating trees into their growth.

George Ofunja, Co-founder of Rusinga Speaks and founder of Taka Kazi Africa, on the Call to Earth Day underscored the importance of instilling environmental values in young people, highlighting the long-term benefits for future generations. He stated, “Children should be at the center of the current world, particularly in the conservation of nature. Let’s empower them to be more environmentally conscious for a secure future.”

Call to Earth
Mr. George Ofunja, Cofounder Rusinga Speaks, and Founder Taka Kazi…

The learners actively participate in Environmental Management, engaging in waste management exercises, conserving water and electricity, and promoting the responsible sharing of resources. The Call to Earth Day comes at an important time as COP28 is ongoing and youths are a part of the discussion.

According to Franceska, a Nyika Silika Conservation communication specialist involved the learners in the earth, and nature topics, like how to solve pollution, delving deeper to address environmental challenges like poaching revealing that it’s not only the nig animals that are poached but also the smaller species are victims of poaching yet there’s little concern on the note.

Collaborating with Taka Kazi, students have undertaken impactful projects, including tree-planting initiatives at Nairobi National Park and a solar project aimed at reducing electricity consumption.

Jessica, one of the students, emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating that the Earth is in peril and swift action is necessary. “If we don’t act now, our lives on the planet will be shortened. Be a part of the solution, heed to the call to Earth for the protection of our Earth because what we do to our planet Earth ultimately comes back to us,” she urged.

Call to Earth
Learners taking part in conservation conversations

Call to Earth is CNN’s commitment to reporting on the environmental challenges facing our planet, together with the solutions. In partnership with Rolex as part of their Perpetual Planet Initiative, with a goal to drive awareness, action, and education around key issues, inspiring a blueprint for a more environmentally conscious life.

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