Senators Seek to Pass Motion on Climate Change Education

Senators of Kenya have placed a motion in the senate seeking to integrate climate change education into the national education curriculum for learners.

The motion pushed by Homa Bay senator Moses Kajwang advocates for climate change inclusion addressing the threats it poses as a global nightmare evident with the crises visualized currently.

Article 12 of the Paris Agreement, he said, espouses the enhancement of training, public awareness, public participation, and public access to information.

Urging on the need to consider curriculum opportunities that address climate change for learners to be involved.

“Climate change is a complex social and scientific issue characterized by uncertain and context-specific knowledge. It demands that educators engage in inquiry and co-learning with students,” the motion read.

Kajwang reveals an urgency for the subject to explore mitigation and adaptation measures both at the local and global level, majorly enabling youth to engage with information diversely.

Through these inquiries into the critical matter will be made thereby enhancing understanding of what measures if taken can probably assist actions directed at averting climate crisis.

“Informing the youth about the dire unforeseeable rapidly changing, uncertain, risky, and possibly dangerous future is the first step in combating the issue evidently severe,” added Senator Kajwang.

According to the senator having this information at their fingertips will have a major influence on the way that climate actions are synced within the communities having first-hand actors on the ground fully aware.

He says teachers and school administrators should be trained and equipped with the necessary information and skills to teach and explore new approaches that can contribute to the transformation of unsustainable climate systems, values, and routines.

In case its approved the Ministry of Education in liaison with the Kenya Institute for Curriculum Development will be tasked with incorporating it through the formal education system as part of the school curriculum

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