Tackling the Drought Crises Requires a Lasting Solution

Over the last few years, we have witnessed drought crises and starvation ravaging most parts of the country, leaving behind a trail of suffering and death.

The scourge has seen hundreds of people die as well as thousands of domestic and wild animals. The traumatizing effects of drought have left the country at wimp and at the mercy of donors with an unforeseen future.

This saw the formation of the National Steering Committee on Drought Response by H.E. President William Ruto to mitigate the ongoing drought that has exposed over four million Kenyans to hunger. 

The head of state tasked the committee with various responsibilities including; mobilizing resources to alleviate the impact of the drought crises.

The committee has so far managed to collect a whooping Ksh 592 million, with some of the strategies laid out being cash support and relief food in dealing with the drought crises faced.

It’s high time the government considers a lasting solution since cash and relief support only make the people more dependent on it.

How about setting up boreholes, in cases where the power to pump the water is an issue, higher places in the region can be targeted for harnessing wind power.

Why? Well through this renewable energy, water can be pumped incessantly providing wildlife and the nearby communities ravaged by drought with a consistent water supply.

Providing water will go a long way in mitigating and managing the adverse effects of drought, especially during the dry season.

This is a strategy that if implemented with proper planning, will definitely be beneficial in not only saving people’s lives but also livestock and wildlife.

Such strategies are long-term in dealing with drought crises, providing the community an opportunity to be empowered allowing them to tend to agricultural activities despite the lack of rains due to water availability.

Make Kenya Great Again. Execute better strategies to influence the transition from misfortune to a blessing.

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