Trinity Energy Pre-commissions the Wau Power Plant

Trinity Energy-Ushering of a New Era of Reliable and Affordable Energy in South Sudan.

Trinity Energy Limited a leading indigenous energy company in South Sudan, announced the pre-commissioned Wau Power Station in Wau, Western Bahr el Gazhal State in South Sudan. This is a significant milestone in the rehabilitation and upgrade of this key project, which represents a major investment in the country’s power infrastructure.

Trinity Energy has been working closely with the Ministry of Energy and Dams which has played a pivotal role in this initiative by signing a contract with Trinity Energy for the rehabilitation, upgrade, and operation of the existing power plant and distribution network in Wau. The Company has also been working closely with the South Sudan Electricity Corporation (SSEC) whose team has been instrumental in providing technical support for the project.

According to Mr. Dhor Aher Arol, Trinity Energy’s Head of Human Resources and Administration, this marks the dawn of a new era in Wau’s power infrastructure.

“We embark on a journey that not only addresses the immediate needs of the people but also paves the way for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. We reiterate our unwavering commitment to collaborating hand in hand with the government to bring the vision of accessible and affordable energy to all citizens. Together, Trinity Energy and the South Sudan Government strive to transform the energy landscape and uplift the well-being of our population,” he said.

The pre-commissioning event was graced by a senior delegation of State officials from Western Bahr el Gazhal led by the Deputy State Governor, Honourable Zachariah Joseph Garang. Hon. Zachariah Joseph Garang praised Trinity Energy for their unwavering commitment and expressed appreciation for their contribution to the country’s energy sector. He assured the public of the government’s dedication to ensuring citizens have access to reliable and affordable energy.

Furthermore, he emphasized the expected positive impact of the Wau Power Station on economic growth and reaffirmed, “Development has started from today onward. From today, we are going forward with development.”

The first phase of the Trinity Energy project will witness the production of 6.5 MW of power, with the full commissioning expected to take place within the next few months. Furthermore, the project entails the rehabilitation of the previous engines and acquisition of additional engines as well as comprehensive replacement of the distribution system, starting with the distribution and transmission poles, followed by the replacement of transformers, aluminum conductors, and the introduction of prepaid meters.

The ambitious vision of the Wau Power Station project by Trinity Energy extends beyond the initial phase. The next focus is the establishment of a 20 MW solar power plant, positioning Wau as the pioneer of hybrid (Thermal and Solar power plant) technology in East Africa. This Trinity Energy-hybrid plant will prioritize renewable energy sources while augmenting the generation capacity, in line with our commitment to clean energy solutions and sustainable development.

The Wau Power Station project is set to have a substantial social and economic impact. Currently, households spend upwards of USD 50 cents per kilowatt hour on small standalone generators, but with the project’s implementation, they will enjoy a significant cost reduction significantly easing the financial burden on households and businesses in Wau.

The launch of the Trinity Energy project will also revitalize Wau City, re-establishing its rich legacy as an industrial hub. Additionally, by reducing the initial power cost and connecting the city to the grid, the project will unlock numerous benefits and stimulate economic growth in the region, creating both direct and indirect job opportunities. This holistic approach aims to empower communities and foster sustainable development.

Trinity Energy Group Founder and chairman, Mr. Akol Ayii commended the progress made so far to commission the power plant, saying, “Together with our esteemed partners, stakeholders, and the vibrant community of Wau, we are confident that this project will uplift lives, propel economic growth, and create a brighter tomorrow for all. Trinity Energy Group through our energy company, Trinity Energy is committed to transitioning to green energy solutions, aligning with our sustainability commitments and agenda. While economic growth remains a top priority for us as a Group, we are equally dedicated to ensuring our operations are responsible, sustainable, and in harmony with the needs of future generations.”

The pre-commissioning of the Wau Power Station represents a significant step towards achieving the shared vision of reliable and affordable energy access for all in South Sudan. Trinity Energy remains committed to its mission of driving sustainable development and looks forward to the positive transformations this project will bring to the country.

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