UAE, US Strike $100bn For Clean Energy Initiatives

In spite of the earlier criticism from the Climate activists who criticized the eligibility of the COP28 chair Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, the United Arab Emirates UAE has offered 100$ billion for renewable energy production.

UAE has decided to delve deeper into the production of clean energy which is proving essential in dealing with the climate crises that are on the rise on the global stage. Fronting the shift from fossil fuel use and carbon emissions to adopting renewable energy sources.

The move is a partnership deal with the US government that seeks to aid Africa gain in energy needs and the UAE has offered to provide technical, project management, and funding assistance for commercially and environmentally sustainable energy projects in other countries.

Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber president of Masdar (the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company) emphasizes that the company is playing a vital role in this initiative offering the background he has in the Energy industry.

“We are committed to supporting events and platforms that stimulate the exchange of knowledge, such as Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, which is one of the largest gatherings concerned with sustainability worldwide,’’ the firm said in a statement.

Al Jaber believes that his efforts in clean technology and sustainable development to preserve the climate and the environment makes him well-suited to be president of the COP28 climate summit.

Referencing how before joining ADNOC Group in 2016, Jaber had demonstrated great achievement in the field of renewable energy at Masdar Clean Energy Company where he served as chief executive officer.

“We really need practical solutions on energy transformation from within the industry, to benefit from the know-how of experts; and unfortunately we need to get rid of the utopian and unrealistic mindset that plagues the climate change conversation,” the firm says.

Citing some of the most prominent projects undertaken by ADNOC to preserve the climate and the environment is the production of clean energy, environmental awareness, green service stations, and water conservation.

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