Water Shortage Sparks Growing Concern in Kwale County

Residents of Kinango sub-county in Kwale County have expressed concerns about the ongoing water supply issues and persistent water shortage in the area.

This water shortage has caused significant hardship in the region, as the shortages have persisted for the past two weeks. This has raised concerns among residents about what the future holds.

This has led to an increase in fear among residents, who are worried about the possibility of infections or outbreaks, such as cholera or waterborne diseases, due to the use of potentially unclean water. Obtaining water now requires purchasing it from donkey-driven carts, handcarts, and water tankers, which has resulted in higher prices due to water shortages.

A 20-liter jerry can is being sold at KSh 60 from the previous Ksh 30. Residents of Kinango are calling on authorities to act quickly about the situation at hand. According to a resident in the area, water, despite being a basic necessity, has suddenly become overpriced, causing people to struggle with this unexpected challenge.

However, Kwale Water and Sewerage Company Ltd. (KWAWASCO) says the water shortage experienced in Kinango was mainly due to vandalism. A revelation that is emphasized by KWAWASCO Managing Director (MD), Eric Parmet, attributes the situation to vandalism of critical water infrastructure in the area and road construction activities.

He attributed the perennial water scarcity in the county to the activities of pipeline vandals, noting that the water company would ensure that there is a constant water supply in the region and that the vandalized pipes are replaced.

Mr. Parmet further pleaded with the communities to assist in reporting the culprits who vandalize water infrastructure as he decried the spate of vandalism to water infrastructure in the area saying it was affecting the supply of water in some parts of the sub-county hence the water shortage.

Kwale Deputy Governor (DG) Chirema Kombo has asked the water company to come up with a long-lasting solution to the water shortage problem facing Kinango and several other areas of the coastal county.

DG Kombo however, assured that the county government, through the Water Services department, will come up with mechanisms to identify and solve the challenges contributing to water supply shortages across the county.

The residents have been urged to protect these resources and infrastructure because they are meant for the people’s service and for their own good. The water company is currently working with relevant authorities to find ways of resolving the water scarcity and has called on the residents to be patient as water will soon be available.

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