Youths are Key in African Agenda for Green Transformation

Kenyan President Dr. William Ruto has called upon leaders to involve youths in driving the agenda towards green transformation and sustainable opportunities in Africa.

Ruto made it clear that Africa will not succeed if the youth are sidelined in the course towards mitigating solutions that will curb the effects of climate change and ensure development in Africa.

“In a continent youth as Africa, it is impossible to imagine the future without the youth, our youth men and women in every African country are the primary stakeholders who will define and drive the African agenda for green transformation and sustainable opportunities,” Ruto said.

President Ruto made it clear that the continent will not prosper if opportunities are not given to the youths. He said the voice of the youths must be included for the future’s sake.

“Our message will not be clear if the voice of the youth is missing, our efforts to achieve prosperity will not succeed if there are no opportunities for the youth.”

He urged the leaders to let the declaration of their commitment to act in unison to deliver Africa’s aspirations in a firm voice of a united Africa to let the world know about African youths’ potential and its capability to actualize a world of possibilities.

His message came out just a few days after the inaugural of the Africa Youth Climate Assembly that aimed at uniting and amplifying African youth voices towards Global Climate Action.

The Africa Youth Climate Assembly brought together African youth and children and gave them a platform and motivation to showcase solutions for the fight against climate change in Africa.

In one of the speeches during the three-day youth summit that was graced by the presence of youths from about 35 countries, Wanjira Maathai who is the founder of Wangari Maathai Foundation urged the youths to take advantage of the forum created for them by the Africa Climate Summit to help their voices be the change that Africa needs in the fight towards sustainable climate and a dignified life amidst climate change in Africa.

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