Zayed Sustainability Prize Winners Honored at COP28 UAE

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, presented the Zayed Sustainability Prize to the winners at a prestigious ceremony held at COP28 UAE in Expo City Dubai.

The event was attended by heads of delegations, ministers, and senior government officials, as well as the Prize winners and finalists.

His Highness commended the winners for their efforts in promoting sustainability and encouraged them to continue their important work. He emphasized the UAE’s commitment to building upon its established legacy in sustainability, laid by the country’s Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The Prize, which honors Sheikh Zayed’s legacy, rewards organizations addressing health, food, energy, water, and climate-related challenges.

A distinguished panel of jury members selected the Prize’s winners for their innovative and impactful solutions in health, food, energy, water, climate action, and global high schools. In recognition of their achievements, the Prize has increased its endowment from US $3.6M to US $5.9M.

The winners, including Kelp Blue, doctorSHARE, Gaza Urban & Peri-urban Agricultural Platform, Ignite Power, and Eau et Vie, were awarded for their transformative efforts in addressing urgent global challenges.

Their innovative solutions have had a substantial impact on communities worldwide, propelling vital climate action objectives and forging a path to a sustainable future for all.

The Zayed Sustainability Prize also recognizes the efforts of young people through its Global High Schools category, encouraging youth to take an active role in supporting their communities and becoming future sustainability leaders.

The recipients of the Global High Schools awards have made a significant impact on their communities and have demonstrated remarkable ingenuity in their solutions to address urgent global challenges. This turns out as a motivation for more action in the climate change space that is geared toward answering and solving some of the challenges faced by the communities and the most vulnerable groups like People with Disabilities (PWDs)

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