Floods Crisis: President Ruto Outlines Coordinated Response Strategy

President William Ruto announced the implementation of comprehensive measures to address the impact of floods in the nation amidst continued rain countrywide. He emphasized implementing a “Whole of Government Approach,” and he outlined a coordinated response strategy in light of increased rainfall forecasts.

Revealing that the Cabinet Secretaries will lead disaster response and mitigation efforts nationwide, collaborating closely with the National Disaster Operations Centre and security agencies. This will involve adequate resources, including funds from the Treasury, allocated to procure and distribute essential supplies such as food and medical equipment to safeguard the people from floods.

President Ruto reiterated that fostering collaboration between national and county governments, development partners, and the private sector is important to enhance disaster management efforts.

President Ruto also announced that the Ministry of Education has been instructed to postpone school reopenings until further notice. Further maintaining that school reopenings remain postponed indefinitely, directives have been issued to define riparian reserve boundaries and monitor water reservoirs.

The Kenya Defence Forces and National Police Service are mobilizing personnel and equipment for public safety operations, with support from the National Youth Service and Government Administration officers. Efforts are underway to provide temporary shelter and essential supplies to affected communities. “The county security committees are further directed to continuously monitor dams and other water reservoirs that may not be presenting a risk now but could do so in the event of more rains,” he said.

In response to warnings from the Kenya Meteorological Department and IGAD Climate Prediction Applications Centre regarding a potential cyclone, named Hidaya, President Ruto urged residents in flood-prone areas to relocate promptly. The Ministry of Interior is tasked with enforcing relocation notices to prevent loss of life.

President Ruto underscored that while the current measures address immediate concerns, long-term solutions to climate change require sustained action. He called on citizens to support ecosystem restoration efforts, aiming to plant 15 billion trees nationwide over the next decade.

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