Fossil Production in Africa: More Harm than Good

The war between Ukraine and Russia has had major impacts and a shortfall of gas on the global stage, a threat that has seen the dash for gas intensify as the fossil fuel Industry and European nations opt for the production of gas in Africa.

In a report by Don’t Gas Africa, the European nations and multinational fossil fuel companies are opting for exploring, extracting, and exporting gas from Africa to the International market with an aim of filling in for the shortfall in Russian gas.

Now advocating for a dash for gas has been considered myopic only aiming for profits out of the energy crisis at hand, a misappropriation of climate justice as the advocacy calls for expansion in fossil fuel production within Africa.

Africa is at threat if fossil fuel production will be centered within since the climate crisis impacts have already had a dire effect on the environment, and weather patterns and adversely affecting the lives of the people.

The fossil-fuelled fallacy has expounded on how the dash for gas is going to be a failure in Africa as it will only undermine most elements of development thereby increasing risks of stranded assets, expensive energy, and harming health repercussions.

Citing the possibility of developing African gas infrastructure, a potential market for gas globally, the African leaders, and elites are perhaps losing track of the essentiality COP27 is posed to play in attaining climate justice.

Lobbyists Protest against Fossil Fuel Production in Africa

With the severe climate change crisis at hand and its effects having taken lives large;y within Africa, this economic prosperity aimed at legitimizing huge expansion of gas production is misguided.

The Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, NJ Ayuk, told the African Energy Week conference in October 2022 that the ‘drill baby drill’ should be Africa’s message to the world at the COP 27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

The African leaders are cautioned and advised against making a central decision for the production of fossil fuels as it will do more harm than good for the countries, and populations and the environment will direly be affected.

As it will turn Africa into a polluted area whose environment will be degraded evident from the fossil infrastructure that will threaten water, air, and wildlife.

Moreover, it will adversely lead to the climate crisis heightening thereby affecting African heritage sites, in turn setting up these production centers will spell displacement of people and will add to the pressures faced already.

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