Kenya Welcomes World to IFTEX 2024 Flower Exhibition

Kenya is gearing up to host the 11th International Flower Trade Exhibition (IFTEX) in Nairobi from June 4th to 6th, 2024. This event marks Kenya’s significant role in the global flower trade, with buyers from over 75 countries flocking to Nairobi to witness the country’s flourishing dominance in the sector.

Organized by Dick Raamsdonk, IFTEX has been a staple event for the past decade, drawing attention to Kenya’s prowess in producing a wide array of new flower varieties. “The flower industry is like fashion. Consumers are always looking for something new colors, shapes, names, stem lengths, and more” he said.

This year marks the 11th edition of IFTEX since its inception in 2012 and additionally, it coincides with Kenya’s rising prominence, not only as a flower producer but also as a hub for flower logistics. Large distribution chains are setting up bouquet-making centers under the “packed at source” concept, leading to increased value addition, job creation, and technology transfer within the country.

Kenya’s strategic advantages, including advanced production techniques, favorable tropical weather, diverse altitudes, and a skilled labor force, contribute to its position as a leading flower producer. By being the largest source of all flowers sold in Europe, Kenya is an important source of multi-billion dollar produce. The country supplies 40 percent of the European flowers with other statistics indicating, that for every 10 stems in a bouquet, four are from Kenya.

Clement Tulezi, CEO of the Kenya Flower Council, emphasizes the importance of innovation and sustainability in keeping Kenya ahead in the global flower market. IFTEX serves as a platform for showcasing these innovations, attracting interest from around the world and signaling brighter prospects for Kenya’s floral industry.

Left to right: Isaac Macharia, Principal Inspector, plant pathologist at Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service, KEPHIS, Dick Van Raamsdonk, General Director, HPP Exhibitions, Clement Tulezi, CEO, Kenya Flower Council and Christine Chesaro, Director, Horticultural Crop Directorate during the media briefing on the status of the Kenyan flower industry.

IFTEX is among the top three flower trade fairs globally, with this year’s edition witnessing a 16% increase in exhibitions compared to the previous year. Over 90 growers, representing nearly 90% of all hectares dedicated to cut flower cultivation in Kenya, will be participating in the event.

IFTEX serves as a crucial meeting point for buyers and growers, facilitating meaningful connections and fostering emotional ties within the industry. With a significant increase in exhibitors and growers, IFTEX 2024 promises to showcase a diverse array of flowers, catering to varied consumer preferences worldwide.

In response to changing travel preferences, IFTEX has adjusted its schedule to accommodate attendees’ needs, reflecting a keen understanding of market dynamics. The event will now run from Tuesday to Thursday, allowing participants to explore Kenya’s tourist attractions, including the Nairobi National Park.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, IFTEX remains optimistic about the future of the floral industry. The 2024 edition signifies a return to full bloom, showcasing Kenya’s resilience and commitment to maintaining its position as a global flower hub.

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