Ministry of Environment Urges Public to Take Part in Climate Bill

The public has been invited to take part in the rolling out of the proposed Climate Change (Amendment) Bill 2023 by the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Forestry through commentary and propositions on it. A deadline for submissions of public participation is on May 26 whereas a virtual public meeting is to be held by the Ministry on May 10 and May 24.

The Climate Change (Amendment) Bill 2023 proposed seeks to provide for different objectives that resonate with the goals of the Paris Agreement. It is through such alignments that the people of Kenya will be able to benefit majorly by taking part in climate actions that are for the greater good.

As stated by the Ministry through a public notice, the bill proposes the ratification of the Climate Change Act 2016 to seal a gap and provide a chance for engagement and participation in carbon markets.

“Carbon market means mechanisms that enable and allows public and private entities to transfer and transact emission reduction units, mitigation outcomes or offsets generated through carbon initiatives, programs, and projects,” the bill read.

Carbon markets are a sector that Kenya hasn’t majored in essentially yet but this has to change considering the global alignment towards carbon markets. Hence through the proposed bill, there will be guidance in the development and implementation of carbon markets and non-market approaches in compliance with international obligations.

“Development, management, implementation, and regulation of mechanisms to enhance climate change resilience and low carbon development for the sustainable development of Kenya,” the notice further stated.

As the world stage takes initiatives and steps towards heightening climate response actions that will assist in combat climate change as it has direly proven a challenge that’s here to stay, one that if not dealt with urgently will cause more harm.

The African Climate negotiators during a forum in Nairobi earlier this month called for more engagement in climate actions, funding, and implementation if the climate crisis is to be salvaged. Thus such a move by the Ministry proves essential since public involvement and awareness are vital for their participation in this regard.

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