MultiChoice Call for Earthshot Prize Submissions

MultiChoice, the African broadcast partner and member of the Earthshot Prize Global Alliance has issued a call for submission of nominations for the Earthshot Prize.

The Earthshot Prize, is a global environmental prize aimed at discovering, accelerating, and scaling groundbreaking solutions to repair and regenerate the planet.

Hereby calls for climate change activists and innovators across Africa to submit nominations of their impactful ventures.

MultiChoice said that they are not only urging African innovators to enter the environmental prize but have also partnered with Earthshot Prize to help accelerate and spotlight the ingenuity and ambition of innovators, activists, and scientists across Africa.

With the beginning of its 2023 search for breakthrough solutions in solving the globe’s biggest environmental challenges, African organizations, businesses, governments, and individuals doing scalable and impactful work in this capacity are urged to submit nominations.

Earthshot Prize is offering nominees five categories including protecting and restoring nature, cleaning our air, reviving our oceans, building a waste-free world, and fixing our climate.

The prize is awarded annually to five winners, each receiving a $1.2 million grant to scale their projects.

According to a press statement by MultiChoice, each year, the Earthshot Prize launches a global search for breakthrough solutions, with a worldwide network of more than 350 nominating individuals and organizations from 66 countries.

MultiChoice Group chairman Imtiaz Patel said that through the prize, African innovators will be afforded the platform to pitch their solutions.

He said that innovators will inspire other corporates to join the fight against climate change and motivate governments to prioritize climate change as part of their national agendas.

“If you have a worthy intervention whose solution makes significant progress towards achieving any of the five Earthshots, we urge you to send in your nomination and be part of the solution,” Patel said.

On December 2, 2022, Prince William together with The Earthshot Prize revealed the 2022 winners.

The final five winners were selected from a group of 15 finalists from 10 different countries

The five winners Earthshot Prize winners for 2022 were Indigenous Women of the Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Kheyti (India), Mukuru Clean Stoves (Kenya), Notpla (United Kingdom), and 44.01 (Oman).

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