Pamoja Secures USD 8.5 Million for Macadamia Nut Production in East Africa

Pamoja, a frontrunner in sustainable macadamia nut production in East Africa, is consolidating its foothold in the premium segment of its market through an investment of USD 8.5 million by the French asset management company Mirova. Mirova, a subsidiary of Natixis Investment Managers devoted to sustainable investment, is facilitating this investment.

This financial infusion will empower the company to expedite its initiatives in Kenya and Tanzania, where Pamoja aims to manage 6,200 hectares of land under stringent sustainability standards (organic and Fair Trade) and provide support to 13,000 small-scale local producers by 2031.

In Kenya, Pamoja is already collaborating with approximately 6,000 small-scale producers through its subsidiary TenSenses. The company maintains a steadfast focus on enhancing agricultural practices and attaining international certifications. The processing plant situated in Nairobi, coupled with extensive distribution networks, significantly augments the income of these producers by granting them access to international markets.

In Tanzania, through its subsidiary Macjaro, Pamoja is establishing macadamia nut farms that prioritize agroforestry ecosystems. Macjaro aims to establish over 700 hectares of new coffee and macadamia nut farms in the coming years. Moreover, it plans to expand its support program for small-scale producers to establish a sustainable value chain, mirroring the model successfully implemented in Kenya.

Guillaume Maillard, the founder and managing director of Pamoja, remarked, “This partnership with Mirova will amplify our efforts to promote the sustainable and profitable utilization of arable land and to educate producers on best practices. Additionally, we will bolster our industrial facilities, which adhere to Swiss standards, enabling our processed nuts from Kenya to compete effectively with products from other origins.”

This collaboration is part of the Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) fund, jointly promoted by Mirova and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), with the objective of financing projects that contribute to achieving land degradation neutrality.

With this investment, Pamoja becomes part of a portfolio comprising 12 sustainable land management projects across Latin America, Africa, and Asia. These projects span diverse supply chains such as coffee, cocoa, timber, nuts, fresh fruit, pharmaceutical ingredients, and payments for ecosystem services, underscoring the efficacy of Mirova’s sustainable business model.

Gautier Quéru, Managing Director at Mirova, observed, “This substantial investment in Pamoja exemplifies Mirova’s steadfast commitment to sustainable land management in emerging economies. Leveraging Mirova’s expertise, local presence, and enduring financial support, Pamoja is now better positioned to advance its strategy for sustainable land management. This aligns with our goal of fostering the sustainable transformation of the agricultural and forestry sectors while generating enduring financial value for our investors…”

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