“Plant 30 Trees Monthly” Ruto’s Call to Police Recruits

President William Ruto has called on the police recruits to plant at least 30 trees each in one month.

The President sounded his call this Wednesday during the 58th Administration Police Passing out Parade, Ruto said that planting trees will help conserve the environment.

“I am asking each one of you to plant at least 30 trees because you will be having almost a one-month break,” Ruto said.

Emphasizing that the Country is facing environmental challenges at the moment hence a need for the newcomers to the Embakasi campus should start by planting trees.

“I have asked the commandant of Embakasi campus A and the one at the GSU campus and all those working in our security in Nairobi to plant 10 million trees,” Ruto said.

The President has been campaigning for initiatives to plant trees in an effort to increase Kenya’s cover as he ascertains that the tree-planting initiatives will help combat the impacts of climate change.

Based on the results generated from the recent National Forest Resources Assessment 2021 indicate that Kenya has 17,742,168.02 acres of tree cover, representing 12.13 percent of the total area.

In addition, results reveal that the country has a tree cover per capita index of 1,507.48m2 per person.

The findings indicate that the country has 12,914,201.16 acres of national forest cover, which represents 8.83 percent of the total area.

The state wants the national tree cover enhanced to 30 percent by 2032, a move that will see 15 billion trees planted. As from the assessment, up to 37 counties out of the 47 (79 percent) have a tree cover percentage greater than the constitutional set target of 10 percent tree cover.

The Head of State earlier called on various stakeholders and partners to join hands in the fight against the climate crisis faced within the nation whose effects were like the prolonged drought that saw starvation hike.

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