Rainfall, Temperature Forecast 18 – 25 July 2023 

Total rainfall 

  • Heavy rainfall (greater than 200) is expected over isolated parts of western Ethiopia, northern South Sudan, and southern Sudan.
  • Moderate rainfall (50-200mm) is expected over southern Sudan, much of South Sudan, isolated areas in western Eritrea, western and northern Ethiopia, northern Uganda, and isolated areas in western Kenya.
  • Light rainfall (less than 50 mm) is expected over central and eastern Sudan, south-eastern South Sudan, parts of central and eastern Ethiopia, part of western Eritrea, central to southern Somalia, Djibouti, eastern and southern Tanzania, coastal and western Kenya, and central to northern Uganda.
  • Dry conditions are expected over northern Sudan, coastal Eritrea, northern Somalia, much of Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, and most parts of Tanzania.

Note: 1 mm of rainfall is equivalent to 1 liter of water per square meter.  

Rainfall Anomalies Wetter than usual conditions are expected over western and isolated areas in eastern Ethiopia, parts of central to northern South Sudan, and isolated areas in southern Sudan. Drier than usual conditions are expected over northern Ethiopia, western Eritrea, isolated areas in South Sudan, southern and central Sudan, western Kenya, and central to northern Uganda.
Exceptional rainfall heavy to very heavy rainfall (top 10%-5%) is expected in much of central Ethiopia, northern and isolated areas in South Sudan, and western and isolated areas of southern Sudan.
Temperature 18 – 25 July 2023

Mean TemperatureHot temperatures (above 32 ℃) are expected over central to northern Sudan, the Afar region in Ethiopia, Djibouti, coastal regions of Eritrea, and north-western coastal parts of Somalia.

Moderate to high temperatures (20 – 32℃) are expected over South Sudan, central to southern Sudan, eastern and northern Kenya, north-western and eastern Tanzania, Somalia, south-eastern Ethiopia, and central to northern Uganda. Mild conditions (less than 20℃) are expected over central Ethiopia, southern Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, parts of southern, western, central to northern Tanzania, and central to western Kenya.
Temperature anomaliesWarmer than usual temperatures are predicted over most parts of the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA).Cooler than usual temperatures are expected in isolated areas in northern Somalia, central Ethiopia, and central Kenya.

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