Solar-Powered Water System Inaugurated In Lainya South Sudan

A solar-powered water supply system was recently unveiled in Lainya Town, Central Equatoria State, marking a significant milestone in the efforts to improve access to clean and safe water in the region.

The inauguration ceremony, which took place on Wednesday, 7 February, was attended by various government officials, including Honourable Friedrick Ladu, State Minister for Housing, Water, and Physical Infrastructure, and Florence Gilette, the head of the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Also present were several other state ministers, commissioners, and community leaders.

The project, which took two years to complete, was a collaborative effort between the ICRC, local authorities, and communities, with the support of the South Sudan Red Cross. It involved the installation of two solar-powered boreholes equipped with water pumps, serving eight neighborhoods in Lainya Town through eight conveniently located kiosks.

The upgraded water supply system has significantly increased the daily water production capacity, from 11 cubic meters to 116 cubic meters, benefiting an estimated 5,000 to 7,500 residents in Lainya. The system is expected to greatly improve access to clean and safe water for the community.

Florence Gillette, ICRC’s head of delegation in South Sudan, emphasized the importance of the new water system in addressing the challenges faced by communities in South Sudan due to armed conflict and violence. She expressed hope that the project would bring positive changes and contribute to creating a sustainable living environment in Lainya.

To ensure the long-term sustainability of the water supply system, the ICRC has supported the establishment of a Water Management and Steering Committee. This committee will oversee the efficient operation of the system and ensure that the community has regular and reliable access to clean water at an affordable price.

The Lainya project is a testament to the ICRC’s commitment to supporting communities affected by armed conflict and violence in South Sudan. The previous water system was damaged during the conflict in 2016, and the influx of displaced people and returnees further exacerbated the water supply challenges in the town. The new solar-powered system represents a significant step towards addressing these issues and improving the lives of the residents in Lainya

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