Tree Growing is Core in Restoring Degraded Lands- Forestry PS

The Forestry Principal Secretary Ephantus Kimotho who is a PCEA member attended the launch of the 10 million trees campaign in Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) at Ngaini Church in Mathira West, Nyeri County. In the unveiling, the Forestry PS urged Kenyans to actively plant trees during the ongoing long rains season.

The PCEA church received 1 million tree seeds from the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), 1,500 seedlings from the Kenya Forestry Service, and hundreds of fruit tree seedlings from Equity and Family Banks. PS Kimotho called on the people to involve in the Kenya climate change law saying that the reform will open up the carbon credits market which will enable tree farmers to earn income from their trees.

“Over and above the land held by PCEA, we’re encouraging landowners to heed this (tree growing) call and plant trees in their farms. As part of the 15 billion trees strategy, we’re planning to grow over 2.8 billion trees in farmlands,” Kimotho said.

He emphasized on the need for citizens to support the Government’s target of raising Kenya’s tree cover from the current twelve to thirty percent in ten years was a ‘whole-of-Government, whole-of-society approach and invited them to take up tree growing.

PS Kimotho pointed out the need to also involve the planting of tree species like fruit trees that will assist deal with malnutrition as it will stabilize the food scarcity issue that’s affecting the population. “We’re looking at it as a food security issue. “We want you to plant trees that are beneficial to you. Trees that give fruits that can be sold and generate income,” the PS said.

PCEA Moderator, Rt Rev Thegu Mutahi, reiterated the church’s focus on supporting the Government to attain the 15 billion trees target set for 2030. Revealing that the church had set aside two acres of land in Rumuruti to set up a tree nursery.

Stressing that people need to conserve the environment as it is also mandated by the Lord to the humans for taking of the environment. An issue that the PS remarked on as being sacred and divine doing the conservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems through tree growth.

“I thank God and His Excellency the President for the opportunity to lead efforts of restoring Kenya’s degraded ecosystems through tree growing. It is a divine assignment where we are called upon by God to restore his destroyed creation,” PS Kimotho said.

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