YES – Youth Energy Summit – Empowering Future Energy Leaders

The youth energy summit YES coming up for the second year after its launch in 2022 in Brussels, is filled with prospects for the future of the youth as they are handed the baton and involved in insightful conversations and networks around the energy space.

YES, plays a vital role as it brings together a generation of early career professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and educators in championing the acceleration of access to reliable energy across Africa as it points out their significance in this journey.

The generation is characterized by boundless energy, a thirst for knowledge, and an eagerness to drive change; hence the goal by YES to reach up to 100 million people across Africa is achievable by entailing the youth.

The summit is offering the youth within this space vast opportunities as it opens up doors for key partnerships across corporates, foundations, NG0s, universities as well sector initiatives. It’s a platform that enables exploring perceptions of the youth about the future, guidance on how they can reach their potential, and filling the gaps in the shortage of energy with their skills through the use of educators and professionals in the sector.

The youth holding more potential to impact the energy transition can use such spaces to learn more about the essentials of clean energy in ensuring that this energy transition can be effectively adopted and effected.

Zeddy Bariti, communication specialist of Kenya the Power Dialogue, says that as the continent stands at crossroads of progress and sustainability, the continent’s youth hold the key to unlocking a future powered by competitively priced and reliable sustainable energy, innovation, and inclusive growth.


YES, a forum of 2023, had a partner organization Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP), onboard as the event’s first foundational partner. GEAPP is an alliance of philanthropists, local entrepreneurs, governments, technology enablers, policymakers, and finance partners who support developing countries in the shift to clean energy adoption.

According to Joseph Ng’ang’a, VP for Africa GEAPP, young entrepreneurs are at most times excluded from all aspects of the energy transition value chain, which is a major hindrance adding to the disproportionate barriers they face to educational opportunities and projects financing and decent jobs.

GEAPP, with a vision of reducing carbon emissions, expansion of clean energy access to a billion people, as well as enabling the creation of 150 million new jobs, aligns with the goals of the Africa Energy Forum and YES. Thus so much thrill and gladness in being a foundational partner of the Youth Energy Summit YES.

“It’s urgent that the young people are trained and supported to access opportunities and accelerate growth. It’s vital to unlocking the abundant potential of young entrepreneurs who will lead the energy transition and realize a more equal and sustainable world,” said Mr. Joseph Ng’ang’a of GEAPP.

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